After-sale service

Shuncheng Company's personnel come to the door to introduce the latest domestic product solutions to users, introduce the characteristics and overview of our factory's products, technical solutions, and send specialized technical personnel for technical exchanges

The company has an excellent professional technical team and has maintained long-term communication with major universities and research institutes. It has successively cooperated with Heilongjiang Industrial Technology Research Institute for technological innovation and product upgrading; With the School of Food, Harbin University of Technology, we have jointly established a special Bioseparation engineering and equipment research and development base; Further optimize the process and technology of biological bacterial fertilizer and solid-liquid fermentation with the College of Agriculture of Northeast Agricultural University; We have jointly developed fruit wine and juice beverage equipment with the Food Institute of Harbin Commercial University.

2008 year

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After-sale service

Pre sales service

Shuncheng Company's personnel come to the door to introduce the latest domestic product solutions to users, and introduce the characteristics and overview of our factory's products
Technical solutions, dispatch specialized technical personnel for technical exchange. We can organize your company's personnel to visit the factory for inspection and guidance. Provide free design solutions, equipment drawings and various parameters, and actively cooperate with your company to choose satisfactory products. Even if we did not choose our products due to various other factors, our factory is willing to provide technical consultation for your company regarding this project, so that your company can purchase products with advanced technology, reasonable prices, and reliable performance.

In sales service

1. Shuncheng Company optimizes and strives for excellence in technical design, closely cooperates with the design institute and your company to ensure the smooth progress and rationality of the design work.
2. Choose the best domestic accessory manufacturer to meet performance requirements and facilitate future maintenance and accessory supply.
3. During the manufacturing process, we fully cooperate in arranging various stages of work such as drawing review, product supervision, inspection and acceptance, so that all work before product shipment can be carried out in an orderly manner.

After-sale service

1. The product is delivered to the user, and our factory will assign a dedicated person to unload and count together with your company's personnel.
2. During the installation and debugging of the equipment, our factory dispatched experienced senior engineers and brewers to the site for free guidance on installation and debugging, and provided training on brewing techniques to ensure the normal and smooth operation of the equipment products.
3. Provide free training for technical and maintenance personnel, establish contact with maintenance personnel, and provide long-term technical support in maintenance and use. During the use of equipment in your company, provide 7 * 24 hour telephone service to ensure user requirements.