Enterprise strength

Enterprise strength

Three workshops

Container workshop:

2000 square meters, specializing in the manufacturing of large container products and beer equipment;

Final assembly workshop:

3000 square meters, engaged in the final assembly, supporting, and debugging services of complete sets of non-standard products;

Sheet metal cutting workshop:

4000 square meters, engaged in the processing, final assembly, supporting, and debugging of biochemical pharmaceutical equipment container products, fermentation equipment processing, and complete sets of non-standard products.

Integrated use, production, and service

Shuncheng Technology has undergone a reform of its production and operation system, a transformation of its business philosophy, continuous introduction of funds, and the introduction of advanced production technology and processes from Germany. From a semi mechanized small workshop style production and processing enterprise, it has transformed into a large-scale enterprise with a complete set of equipment from design to production, from equipment installation to put into use, and from production to service.

Shuncheng Technology currently has production equipment mainly including:

1) 10 ton gantry crane;
2) Imported CNC laser cutting machines, CNC turret punches, precision DC welding machines, secondary protection welding machines, argon arc welding machines, AC welding machines, etc;
3) CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC machine tools, ordinary lathes, milling machines, gantry milling machines, drilling machines, punching machines;
4) A batch of high-precision flaw detectors, thickness gauges and other testing equipment to improve product quality and serve production;
5) Cutting machines, rolling machines, bending machines, four column hydraulic machines, weld shaping machines, etc;
6) Large equipment such as flanging machines, flippers, polishing machines, sandblasting machines, etc.
Shuncheng Technology has a long-term and profound foundation of cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions and higher education institutions. We have cultivated and attracted a group of outstanding scientific research and production talents, accumulated a rich technological and material foundation for the enterprise, and played a positive role in promoting the cooperation and development of Shuncheng Technology; At the same time, it has also created a large amount of valuable wealth for society. The company currently has over 20 senior engineers, welding and material engineers with intermediate and senior professional titles in mechanical design, research and development, manufacturing, as well as bioengineering, research and development, and related industries.

Enterprise strength