Beer Association Releases Annual Craft Beer Production Report

Release time:

08 Apr,2021

By 2020, small independent breweries (craft breweries) had produced a total of 23.1 million barrels of beer, a decrease of 9%, resulting in a decrease in the share of craft beer in the entire beer market from 13.6% last year to 12.3%. This information comes from the Beer Association, which today released its annual production report for the craft beer industry.


In the era of modern craft beer, the production of craft beer decreased for the first time in 2020. At the same time, the number of craft breweries in China continues to grow, reaching a historic high of over 8700.

For many small beer manufacturers, 2020 is clearly a challenging year and a testament to their resilience and entrepreneurial spirit, "said Bart Watson, Chief Economist of the Beer Manufacturers Association. In a year when draft sales in the United States have decreased by 40%, small beer manufacturers have discovered new ways to establish connections with customers and maintain business operations

By 2020, the entire beer market (including handmade and non handmade beers) has decreased by 3%.

The retail dollar value is estimated to be $22.2 billion, accounting for 23.6% of the market share, a decrease of 22% compared to 2019.

Craft brewers have provided over 138000 direct jobs, a decrease of 14% compared to 2019.

The number of openings is twice the number of closures

Despite all the traps of 2020, the number of craft breweries is still increasing, reaching a historic high of 8764. During this year, 716 new breweries opened and 346 closed.

According to data from the Brewers Association, although the number of openings has decreased by approximately 30% compared to 2019, only half of the decrease is attributed to the impact of the pandemic. The improvement of market competitiveness and maturity is also a factor, and this decline was evident before the pandemic.

Watson added, "Although many small breweries will be under pressure until they fully reopen and welcome their communities into their breweries, the closure rate in 2020 remains the same as in 2019, indicating that the vast majority of breweries will continue to survive.