Top 10 German beer brands, ranking of better to drink German beer

Release time:

26 Mar,2021


1、 OETTINGER Odinger beer (one of the top ten German beer brands, OETTINGER Odinger)

Odinger Brewery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1731. It has five brewing factories in Germany. The brewing process of "Original Oettinger" beer strictly follows the German Quality and Purity Act of 1516, which is an ancient and strict law on food.

Odinger beer is one of the leading German beers. With a sales network covering all of Germany, there are 13000 sellers serving Odinger in Germany, making it one of the top 50 companies in the German food sales industry. In Germany, Odinger beer enters household consumption like bread due to its rich grain nutrition!

2、 Stella Artois Era Beer (one of the top ten German beer brands, Stella Artois Era)

Stella Artois is a Belgian lager brewed in the traditional brewing center of Leuven. Its history can be traced back to 1366 or even further.

Stella Artois is brewed from high-quality barley and hops, with a unique and rich taste that is widely praised by authentic cellar beer connoisseurs. Stella Artois is the world's best-selling Belgian beer. It is sold in over 80 countries and is popular. The success of this grade of cellared beer lies in its unique and easily recognizable taste, as well as its refreshing and pleasant bitter taste. This slightly sour wine flavor stems from carefully selected raw materials and time-tested, unique brewing traditions.

3、 Mooshacher Mengsbach Beer (one of the top ten German beer brands, Mooshacher Mengsbach)

Mengsbach wheat beer originated from the ancient and long-standing brewing technology of pure wheat beer in southern Germany. The "Das deutsche Reinheitsgebot" (originally German for "Das deutsche Reinheitsgebot") was promulgated by German Emperor Lian Da in 1516. Mengsbach beer has a unique and pure taste, with a strong wheat aroma. Generally, beer is brewed from barley using the Pils process and has a strong bitterness. And Mengsbach beer is mainly made from wheat malt as the main raw material, paired with a small amount of barley malt. It adopts a special brewing technology that is not inactivated, not filtered, and continues to ferment after filling. It has a strong wheat aroma and no obvious bitter taste, and the taste is mellow, just like fresh beer brewed with fresh wort and just out of the can.


4、 Munchenal Munich beer (one of the top ten German beer brands, Munchenal Munich)

MUNCHENAL beer is produced by the Kaiserdom brewery in Germany, which was founded in 1718 and is located in the ancient city of Bamberg in southern Germany.

MUNCHENAL beer from Germany has a history of nearly 300 years. Its natural and pure quality confirms an ancient motto: When brewing beer, do not use other excess ingredients. It only requires four ingredients: water, barley (or wheat), hops, and yeast. Beer experts from all over the world highly appreciate its quality!

5、 Erzquell Cologne Beer (one of the top ten German beer brands, Erzquell Cologne)

Cologne 1880 Brewery Company was established in 1880 in Germany. Cologne 1880 Black Beer is a best-selling liquor. The company is located in the beautiful environment and very fresh air of the outskirts of Cologne. Cologne 1880 Black Beer, also known as Dark Beer, has a coffee or black brown color in the liquor. The original malt juice concentration is 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, and the alcohol content is above 3.5%. Its liquor highlights the aroma of malt and malt char, with a relatively rich and slightly sweet taste, and the bitterness of hops is not obvious. Cologne 1880 black beer mainly uses burnt malt and black malt as raw materials. The amount of Cologne 1880 black beer hops is relatively small and is brewed using a long-term concentrated saccharification process.

6、 Kaisersimon

Kaisersimon is a long-standing beer brand in Germany, originating in Nuremberg, Bavaria in 1522. It produces a full range of beer and beverages, and has won the European Agricultural Gold Award for various flavors of beer. This Caesar Simon wheat black beer is dark brown or dark brown in color. The transparency of the wine is very low or opaque. The alcohol content is about 5%, and the original wort concentration is up to 11.5 °. It has a fruit flavor, low alcohol concentration, mellow taste, and more foam and delicate.

7、 Einsiedeler Est beer (one of the top ten German beer brands, Einsiedeler Est)

Est pure draft black beer is quite nutritious. In addition to containing a certain amount of low sugar molecules and amino acids, it also contains vitamin C and vitamin H. The alcohol content is ≥ 3.7%, and the sugar content (original wort concentration) is about 12BX. Est pure draft black beer has an amino acid content 3-4 times higher than regular beer, and its calorific value is also very high. The calorific value of Est pure draft black beer is about 77 kcal per 100ml. Therefore, Esther draft black beer is a great choice in beer.


8、 Hohenhanner Hana beer (one of the top ten German beer brands, Hohenhanner Hana)

German Hohenthanner Hana Wheat White Beer 5L is a court beer brewed using traditional Bavarian techniques. It has an alcohol content of 5.6% vol and a raw malt concentration of 12.5 ° P. Using deep well water from 110 meters above the ground, malt and hops from the Bavarian region are brewed using traditional Bavarian fermentation techniques. The excellent filtration technology preserves the nutrient rich and digestible components of beer. JD's sales volume and evaluation are both good. Netizens said that it has rich foam, strong malt flavor and smooth taste.

9、 Duracher Drake beer (one of the top ten German beer brands, Duracher Drake)

Drake Beer is a beer brand launched by Germany's older and currently larger and more modern brewery, Germany's Esburg GmbH, specifically for its consumers. The beer formula of the German company Edinburgh has been improved and innovated on the traditional basis, and modern testing and management methods have been utilized to make the beer produced by the company taste smoother and have a richer wheat aroma, which is popular among consumers around the world.

10、 Kostriber Calit beer (one of the top ten German beer brands, Kostriber Calit)

460 years ago, Kalit Brewery Company in Germany began brewing black beer. The specially refined malt and flavored hops were used to brew the unique flavor of Kalite black beer. After several generations of hard work and pursuit of the taste of black beer, Kalit has gradually become the best-selling black beer in Germany.