Harbin Shuncheng Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development, sales, design, production and service of microwave application equipment and extrusion equipment for many years.

Our exploration and research in extrusion technology has made the application field of screw extrusion technology more extensive. Our products include: extruding machine, extruding machinery, double screw extruding snack food production line, stuffed rice fruit production line, double screw extruding machine, single screw extruding machine, nutrition fortified rice production line, nutrition rice flour production line and other food equipment, and can also be specially designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users.

Process flow: mixing machine → screw conveyor → twin-screw extruder → sandwich machine → shaping machine → elevator → oven → seasoning machine → packaging
With the mission of "professional and technical service to customers", the company integrates domestic and foreign design and manufacturing technology with mechanical equipment technology to provide users with high performance and high reliability bulking equipment; Companies adhering to the "professional, dedicated, dedicated, dedication" business philosophy and excellent technical solutions to provide new and old customers with inexpensive production equipment. The company sincerely welcomes new and old customers to visit, the company has equipment testing machine, for product testing, multiple model selection, specific models, prices, production capacity welcome to call, my company for you with the most sincere service.

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