300L type restaurant/bar/Grill craft beer facilities

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1, 300L bar craft beer equipment introduction
Shuncheng Technology introduced German technology and successfully developed a craft beer equipment according to the domestic market, we are committed to providing customers with high quality products, 300L bar craft beer equipment is designed for small brewing bar needs customers, the daily output is 300L, saccharation system is two-body three-vessel type, specific type can be customized according to customer needs; Suitable for hotels, bars, restaurants, beer houses, food stalls and other business places.


The whole set of equipment is compact in design, easy to operate, only 2 people can operate, saccharation heating methods have two, (steam heating or electric heating for customers to choose), can be equipped with different numbers of 600L/ model fermenter to meet the production demand, 300L bar craft beer equipment as a whole are made of food-grade stainless steel seiko. Can be matched with copper, rose gold saccharification fermentation system, luxurious and elegant appearance. The ideal place to start commercial craft beer brewing.

2, craft beer equipment LD300L equipment parameters


 Nissan 300L/ batch

Primary combination mode

 Two-body three-vessel saccharification system can be customized

Power source


Heating method

 Electric/steam heating




 Inner and outer 304 stainless steel or outer copper

Scope of use

 Hotels, bars, craft beer houses, food stalls, fast food restaurants and other food and beverage outlets


 Digital display control /PLC control

Filtering mode

 VFD extraction/natural filtration

3, 300L bar craft beer equipment - the main part




Crushing system, saccharification and filtration system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, control system, cleaning system, wine selling system.

Craft beer equipment 300L Main equipment parameters
System name Main part Model and parameter
Saccharification system Malt crusher

Capacity: 100Kg/h;

Sugar and boil pot 1, overall size: φ950*2044mm;
2, effective volume: 300L; Full capacity: 360L;
3, material: inner stainless steel 304 production;
4, heating form; Electric heating, total power of electric heat pipe 18kw;
5, heating capacity: mash heating rate of 1.0-1.5 degrees/min;
6, mixing form: mixing, mixing for no resistance mixing,
7, the pot is equipped with: stirring device, inlet and outlet, etc.;
8, inner pan cylinder wall thickness: 3mm; Pan bottom wall thickness: 3mm; Outer cylinder material stainless steel, wall thickness: 2mm; Thickness of insulation layer: 80mm; Insulation material: silicate aluminum plate;
9. Mirror polishing in the pot, polishing and polishing of the weld path; The outer plate is stainless steel, and the weld is polished and brightened.
Filter cyclotron

1. Overall size: φ950*2044mm
2, effective volume: 300L; Full volume: 360L;
3, material: inner stainless steel 304 production;
4, the tank is equipped with: wort inlet and outlet, exhaust hole, etc.;
5, filter area: 4.0m2; Screen plate gap: 0.67-0.72mm; Opening rate: 10-12%;
6, washing water through manual control; Material manual control;
7, inner pan cylinder wall thickness: 3mm; Pan bottom wall thickness: 3mm; Outer pan material stainless steel, cylinder wall thickness: 2mm; Thickness of insulation layer: 80mm; Insulation material: silicate aluminum plate;
8. Mirror polishing in the pot, polishing and polishing of the weld path;
The outer plate is stainless steel, and the weld is polished and brightened.                  

Fermentation system Fermenter 1, overall size: φ940*2290mm;
2, effective volume: 600L; Full volume: 720L;
3, material: stainless steel 304 production;
4. Inner bile thickness 3.0mm, outer bile thickness 2.0mm
5, insulation: polyurethane foam, thickness: 80mm;
6, cooling mode: two-stage Maitreya plate jacket; Cooling medium: alcohol water
7, equipped with backup pressure exhaust and CIP port, internal washing ball;
8. Tank body; With sampling valve, platinum resistance and fermentation temperature control, sewage outlet, pressure gauge, solenoid valve supporting;
9. Manual control of materials; Top hand hole;
10, the pan mirror polishing, welding path polishing polishing belt;
The outer plate is the drawing plate surface, and the welding seam is polished and brightened.
Refrigeration system Refrigerating unit
Alcohol pitcher
1, refrigeration capacity: 5P
2, three-phase 380V, Freon 22, outdoor installation.
3, automatic control, accessories supporting.
1, size 1080*1727mm
2. Effective volume; 900L; Full volume; 1080L;
3, material: stainless steel 304 production;
4, tank body: platinum resistance, solenoid valve;
5, the bottom of the tank; Overflow outlet, drainage outlet, etc.;
6, insulation: polyurethane foam
Control system Control cabinet Electrical components (saccharification, fermentation, refrigeration control)
Cleaning system CIP mobile pump Flow rate: 3t/h;
Head: 25m;
Liquor distribution system Liquor column
Liquor valve
Normal form
Edible grade

4. 300L bar craft beer equipment/craft beer equipment - types of craft beer can be brewed
Brewing original wort concentration 10-18P craft beer (for higher concentration beer, please consult Shuncheng sales engineer)
Lager beer (under fermentation) : American Lager, German Lager, Czech Pilsen, etc.;
Ale (top fermentation) : Wheat beer, English Ale, IPA, fruit beer, etc.;
5, 300L bar craft beer equipment - support advantages
1. Guide equipment installation and commissioning and technical training of winemakers;
2. Provide high-quality raw materials (such as malt, hops, yeast, etc.);
3. Transfer of new product production technology;

6, 300L bar craft beer equipment - service guarantee system
1. Pre-sale service
(1) The staff of Shuncheng Technology will come to the door to introduce the product plan of the latest domestic beer craft brewing equipment to the user, introduce the characteristics and general situation of the beer craft brewing equipment produced by our factory and the technical plan;
(2) Professional and technical personnel, technical exchanges;
(3) Organize your company's personnel to visit our factory.
(4) Free design scheme, provide equipment drawings and various parameters, and economically cooperate with your company to choose satisfactory products, so that you can obtain products with advanced technology, reasonable price and reliable performance.
2. In-sale service
(1) Shuncheng Technology strives for excellence in the product design of beer brewing equipment, optimizes the design, and cooperates closely with customers and friends to ensure the smooth development of the design work and the design is reasonable;
(2) Select the best parts manufacturers in China, that is, meet the performance requirements, and facilitate the maintenance of equipment and the supply of equipment accessories;
(3) In the process of beer brewing equipment manufacturing, we fully cooperate with the drawing review, product supervision, inspection and acceptance and other stages of work, and all the work of equipment shipping can be carried out in an orderly manner.
3. After-sales service
(1) After the products are delivered to the customer's designated place, we will send special personnel to check and unload the products together with the customer's personnel;
(2) During installation and commissioning of the equipment. We will assign experienced senior engineers to visit the site free of charge to guide the installation and commissioning, to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment;
(3) We will send winemakers to train brewing techniques free of charge to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment;
(4) Free training of technical and maintenance personnel, while establishing a contact mechanism to facilitate maintenance and answer questions about use;
(5) During the use of the equipment, provide 7*24 hours of telephone service to ensure the use of user requirements;

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