Three-instrument teaching experiment beer equipment

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The latest applied teaching beer experimental equipment developed by Shuncheng Technology has specifications: 100L, 150L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L; Others will be designed and manufactured according to your needs.
The fermentation and beer teaching experiment equipment enables students to enjoy the full-featured production control process similar to a large brewery in the laboratory, as well as the production experiment of various beer varieties, to ensure the accuracy of the process parameters, but also to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the experimental results, which can enhance the practical operation ability of students, and have a certain perceptual understanding of the professional knowledge.
General configuration and description:
Equipment category:
Three-unit saccharifying system equipment (saccharifying boiling pot, filter tank, rotary sink tank)
Product features:
Three-vessel saccharification system, complete and clear process flow, suitable for product research and development experiment teaching;

Three apparatus, teaching experimental beer equipment

This experimental equipment also has a perfect CIP cleaning, sterilization system, equipment and pipeline layout without dead Angle, equipment processing fine, welding accuracy to meet the health standard, internal use of multi-mirror polishing, external use of stainless steel polishing matte treatment. Meet the requirements of scientific research and teaching of universities and meet the needs of brewery production equipment.

Fermentation system


The structure of the saccharification system can be customized according to the specific needs of the school:
One mashing system equipment (Mashing combination integrated pot)
Two-unit saccharification system equipment (saccharification boiling pot, filter rotary sink)
Three-unit saccharifying system equipment (saccharifying boiling pot, filter tank, rotary sink tank)
Four-unit saccharifying system equipment (saccharifying pot, boiling pot, filter tank, rotary sink tank)
Five saccharifying system equipment (mushing pot, saccharifying pot, boiling pot, filter tank, rotary sink tank)

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