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The corn starch processing machinery of Harbin Shuncheng Technology will separate the peeling system and the grits system, which can avoid the corn husks mixed in the corn grits, save manpower, space, equipment investment, and the purpose of convenient operation during the work. The corn processing machine can clean, peel, remove embryo, root, black umbilical, crushing, grits, grading, polishing, selection and other processes of corn.


The whole corn meal is made by Harbin Shuncheng Technology, through painstaking research, by selecting high-quality raw materials from organic cultivation of Yan 'an, by adding specific enzyme media, after biological fermentation and grinding, it is made into edible fermented corn meal, which not only retains all the nutrients of corn seeds, but also improves the taste of corn meal. Fermented corn all pink, delicious, nutritious ideal food. At the same time, through the research and development of relevant processes, the production of corn instant powder, corn cookies and other series of healthy, delicious high-end ingredients.
Corn processing machinery is currently a small area of domestic land, relatively high degree of automation, relatively less investment, a wide range of processing equipment, all corn processing processes to complete, including corn cleaning, peeling, germ removal, root, black spots, crushing, grits, flour, grading, polishing, select and other processes, can process a variety of corn starch and powder, Can meet different market needs.

Product features:
1, to achieve systematic processing, short time, high efficiency.
2, advanced technology, reasonable structure design.
3, stainless steel material, durable.
4, to achieve fully automated processing scale.
5. Improve product quality and enrich product types.
6, this kind of corn processing equipment investment is small, energy saving, to achieve co-production and other advantages.

Technical parameters of corn processing equipment


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