Suncheng Technology provides complete technology and system for purification and separation engineering, and has unique advantages in the industrial preparation of chromatographic columns of CPC and CPL series. In terms of chromatographic technology, we have obtained important scientific and technological achievements through technical cooperation with some well-known universities and scientific research institutions. In recent years, we have provided more than 2,000 sets of low and medium pressure and high efficiency industrial preparation chromatographic column and chromatographic system devices for domestic and foreign users. With its excellent technology and stable characteristics, it has brought new breakthroughs and progress for biopharmaceutical separation engineering.
With independent intellectual property rights of CPC and CPL series of industrial preparation chromatographic columns, Shuncheng Technology has the advantages of high separation accuracy, good selectivity, continuous flow, stable and reliable operation, and easy maintenance. It is the core equipment for the separation and purification of active components of Chinese herbal medicine, chemical synthesis drugs and bioactive substances.
The main parameters of CPC type high-efficiency industrial preparation column:
● Preparation method: intermittent preparation method
● Specification: Column inner diameter 200mm ~ 800mm or special requirements
● Column bed height: 600mm ~ 5800mm
● Working pressure: 0.3~2.4Mpa range selection and customization
● Material: 316L or 304 stainless steel
● Sealing material: silicone rubber or polytetrafluoroethylene sealing washer
● Flow distributor: Configure flow distributor or metal sintered plate
● Model: CPC200, CPC300, CPC400, CPC450, CPC500, CPC600, CPC700, CPC800
● Seamless tube specifications relative to the model (tube wall thickness 4~15mm, will be selected according to the pressure level) : Ø219, Ø273, Ø325, Ø426, Ø478, Ø529, Ø630, Ø720, Ø820
● Other configurations
● Used for the separation and purification of various plant extracts, Chinese herbs and synthetic drugs

Chromatographic column

Automatic dispensing system:
Accurate real-time online monitoring, accurate proportional control, parameter feedback adjustment
Efficiently reduce manual duplication and reduce liquid dispensing time. Improve efficiency
Convenient to reduce the area of liquid storage tank, current use, liquid, chromatography at the same time, the whole process of liquid distribution record
Accuracy ±2% (flow rate, conductivity) ±0.05pHunits
It supports different control modes such as fixed proportion dilution and online detection information feedback adjustment
The on-line testing of multiple instruments ensures the accuracy of solution configuration
The time required to reach the steady state is less than 1min
Dilution times can be from several times to dozens of times
Can be customized according to customer process design
Compared with the traditional solution
Provide quality and reduce human involvement
Electronic records. Totally reliable
Better process performance
Reduce the cost of fixed investment and expansion

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