Shuncheng Technology to provide customers with plant extraction complete equipment solutions, one-stop turnkey project. Plant extraction equipment is Shuncheng Technology integration of domestic and foreign advanced technology, relying on Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeast Forestry University, Northeast Agricultural University, independent research and development of high-tech products, widely used, mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine extraction, anthocyanin extraction, CBD extraction, Perilla extraction, sea buckberry extraction and other industries.
Equipment composition:
Plant extraction equipment is mainly composed of the following parts: raw material processing system, extraction system, concentration system, purification and separation system, deployment system, lyophilization system, packaging system, power system, CIP system, etc
Plant extraction process:
1, raw material treatment system: mainly for raw materials cleaning, sorting, crushing, transportation.
2, extraction system: the use of low temperature extraction process, the active ingredients extracted.
3. Concentration system: Concentrate the extraction liquid into a separable liquid under low temperature conditions.
4. Purification and separation system: The concentrated liquid is adsorbed by adsorbent, and then eluent is used to eluate the adsorbent to achieve the purification of effective substances.
5, freeze-drying system: the eluent is further concentrated into paste under low temperature conditions, and sent to the freeze-drying system to dehydrate into freeze-dried powder.
6. Packaging system: The freeze-dried powder is prepared and filled to the finished product.
Equipment production material is made of domestic and foreign high quality 304, 316 stainless steel refined, welding using advanced laser welding process, automatic welding machine (robot) filled with argon welding, welding path uniform, equipment polishing accuracy ≤0.2um, the external surface oil grinding wire drawing. The use of artificial intelligence control mode to truly realize the concept of Industry 4.0.
Main extraction equipment introduction
1, extraction system: the concept of bionics, the extraction equipment using ultrasonic continuous countercurrent extraction;
2. Concentration system: vacuum low-temperature concentration is used to protect the active ingredients from being destroyed;
3, purification and separation system: the use of dynamic and static chromatographic columns, the use of special high-tech fillers, purification and separation of active ingredients, improve product purity;
4, power system: the use of low temperature power system to ensure product stability, reduce production energy consumption.

Extraction tank

Extraction tank

Concentration system

Purification and separation system

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