The active dry yeast of beer is derived from the better domestic brewer's yeast. The following fermentation degree is greater than or equal to 62%, the agglutination is strong, Benstja is 2.0, the hypoglycemic rate is 10℃, 5 days, 12.5-3.8Bx.
How to use:
How to use the beer room Rehydration activation:
1. Material container requirements: the container must be clean and sealable; The water must be cool; Wort must be boiled before use.
2. Rehydration activation steps:
① Preparation of 4-6 Bx wort: Take 10-12 Bx after boiling, add the same amount of cold water, cool it quickly to 30-32℃, and add it to a clean container that can be sealed.
② A certain amount of dry yeast is added to 4-6 Bx wort, and the dosage of wort is 5-10 times that of dry yeast.
③ Shake every 10 minutes for two minutes. Activate for two hours and pour into fermentation irrigation. The wort is then pumped to begin fermentation. Fermentation control The initial temperature of fermentation is 11℃, the maximum temperature of fermentation is 15℃, the amount of active dry yeast is 0.4‰ (relative to wort volume), the pressure is maintained after 48-72 hours, and the sugar degree is about 4.5Bx. Other control conditions remain unchanged according to various draft beer operation processes. (such as pressure holding time, cooling speed, pressure, etc.). When the initial fermentation temperature is above 15℃, the amount of yeast is 0.3‰, and after 24 hours, the sugar is lowered to about 4.5 Bx to maintain the pressure. When the initial temperature of fermentation is 8-9℃, the amount of yeast is 0.5‰, and it generally takes 5-10 days to reduce the sugar to about 4.5Bx to maintain the pressure.

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