Australian malt: Made from high-quality imported barley, which can be milled by a simple process. It is the basic malt for all kinds of beer production. Suitable for classic light beer. Pure taste.
Black malt: Black in appearance, the taste is more intense than other malts, similar to slightly burnt or smoked taste, effectively enhance the aroma characteristics of beer. Typical aroma, full body. 800----1500EBC
Burnt malt: there are light and dark points, in the national standard of its chroma between 40 and 140EBC, mostly used in the manufacture of medium strong color beer, can improve the alcohol of beer, give a caramel and malt flavor, and is conducive to improving the body of beer, bubble characteristics and non-biological stability, in the above beer and the following beer applications are very common.
Wheat bud: It forms the characteristic flavor of wheat beer and is the basic malt for making wheat beer. Suitable for ALE beer, white beer, LAGER beer, providing special flavor, delicate foam, mellow taste.

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