New Gas Barbecue Machine

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  According to the needs of the market, Shuncheng Company organized an elite team to develop new energy-saving and environmentally friendly gas oven equipment. This product is a special equipment for kiln barbecue, which adopts smoke-free design, energy saving and environmental protection, and solves the big problem of oil smoke emission. Smokeless gas oven equipment, beautiful appearance, reliable and durable quality, is a perfect alternative to traditional barbecue equipment. It is used for meat roasting and processing, and can also be used for the roasting and processing of vegetables and seafood. Small footprint, beautiful appearance.
  The machine adopts vertical structure, which occupies a small area and is simple to operate. Fully automatic rotary grill to reduce labor intensity. Due to its unique transmission method, the new gas Brazilian barbecue machine allows customers to intuitively see the operation process of the roaster.




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