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South American barbecue, Pisa, Italy, German beer, Chinese buffet for four one, complement each other, with German brewed fresh beer, European style luxury decoration, style bar type live stage performances, a wealth of delicious dishes, low price, European style, improve the service, the pure German beer's aroma of malt beer culture for thousands of years and South American barbecue rough style of the perfect together, created the South American barbecue leisure dining culture. The market price positioning and reasonable, in the domestic food industry launched a barbecue equipment revolution.


 The company provides professional American flavor of Brazil barbecue machine, which is characterized by:

1 the vertical structure, small occupied area, convenient operation.

2 fuel using charcoal or coke, keep the original barbecue flavor.

3 internal insulation brick structure, the external use of high temperature stainless steel decoration, clean and beautiful.

4 automatic rotary baking, reduces the labor intensity of operators.

5. Ventilation equipment with continuous adjustable row / air inlet system can not only free to adjust the temperature of charcoal, and prevent pollution food of the charcoal, is even more effective measures to improve the operating environment.

6.BCKR-B type oven because of its unique transmission mode, allows the customer to visually see the operation process of barbecue division.

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