Harbin Shuncheng Technology integrates the advanced technology of Europe and the United States, combined with the investment characteristics of mainland China, the formation of a fine processing program of tomato processing production line, according to the investment situation of the enterprise and the actual production, the customer's project case design, transferred to the customer's real sense of the turnkey project. We are committed to developing innovative equipment to improve overall operational efficiency and significantly reduce capital investment.
Tomatoes are generally processed into tomato paste or tomato juice, tomato paste production line consists of five main parts: fresh tomato receiving, cleaning and sorting system; Crushing and beating system; Concentration system; Sterilization system; Aseptic filling system. Fresh tomatoes are cleaned, raised, sorted, broken and beaten, concentrated and sterilized, and aseptically filled to become tomato paste products in barrels. The whole production line and related equipment are specially designed for tomato sauce according to the principle of international high quality standards.

Characteristics of tomato processing line:
* Advanced technology, high yield, high income.
* High quality materials, reasonable components in the market.
* On-site start-up and related personnel training.
* The finished product has good quality and delicious color.
* High productivity, flexible production, can be customized according to customer needs.
* Complete supervision system, equipped with control room to monitor each processing stage.
* Daily output can be clearly shown.
Tomato paste production process:

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