Prefabricated and purified vegetable processing line

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Through the gradual standardization of the national vegetable market and the increasing requirements of consumers for vegetables, ordinary vegetables have been unable to meet the consumption requirements of the people, thus giving rise to the high-standard industry of vegetable processing.
The processing of pure vegetables is mainly divided into two kinds: rough processing and fine processing of pure vegetables:
1, the main purpose of vegetable roughing is to remove the rotten leaves, yellow leaves, weeds and other impurities on the surface of vegetables, through cleaning, draining the leaves, roots and vegetables to remove part of the agricultural residue and surface sediment, through the packaging machine for the product box packaging, and then into the large shopping malls, supermarkets for sales.
2, vegetable finishing is mainly: through the front selection, remove all kinds of impurities that can not be used in vegetables, through cleaning (to agricultural residues), cutting, bleaching soup, cooling, draining, picking and other processes to vacuum packaging products or polyethylene bags for packaging, and then sent to supermarkets or schools for distribution and sales.

Clean vegetable processing process

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the pace of life is accelerated, pure vegetables are fresh, convenient, eat at ease, and add a color to exquisite life. The company mainly undertakes the central kitchen purification processing project/government poverty alleviation purification project/semi-finished products wholesale distribution/group food catering chain/vegetable cooperative/agricultural and sideline product processing/frozen dehydrated vegetables processing/fruit and vegetable canning processing and so on.

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